Code of Conduct

We all work in a grown, medium-sized family business whose inner values account for a large part of the success we have achieved. Values such as honesty, respect, humanity, tolerance, safety and sustainability have always been constant companions in our daily practice. We live these values and our employees appreciate them as well.

We have business partners all over the world, many of which are globally active companies. Since these values, which we live by, are not taken for granted everywhere in the world, it has become common practice for multinational companies in particular to impose or commit to so-called Codes of Conduct, where they define which standards should apply to subsidiaries all over the world. Of course, they also require these
standards from their business partners.

In this respect, we have created the following Code of Conduct for ­VOELPKER, which summarises our standards so that we can show our partners and employees which guidelines apply to us

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