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Technical progress in many branches of industry, particularly in the plastics industry, place increasingly high demands on the additives necessary for manufacturing processes. More and more, products must be adapted to meet current requirements.
We would like to offer you our support – this is why we founded the Voelpker Wax Academy. We pool, build on and expand our knowledge and share it with you.

What was the catalyst for founding the Academy? Montan waxes and wax blends are often the key to solving complex processing problems, especially in the plastics industry.
Thanks to these additives, for example, product quality can be significantly improved and production output increased.

Thanks to 120 years of experience in the field of wax additives, we at VOELPKER have acquired a base of knowledge that is virtually unparalleled.
And we are looking even further ahead. We are now complementing our own expertise with the extensive experience of further experts from the plastics industry. In collaboration with our customers we hope to help identify and capitalise on areas of industry where we see potential for additives.


Following the expert technical advice of the renowned specialist in plastic additives and compounds, Dr Uwe Zander, along with the VOELPKER WAX ACADEMY, we can offer our partners and customers:

  • technical and organisational support in devising or optimising plastic processing techniques
  • training and consultation sessions for the plastics processing sector
  • collated information concerning current market trends and practical insights



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