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Our WARADUR® and CEVO®* brand wax additives are used in numerous industrial fields. By adding these diverse and extremely effective products, production processes can be organised more efficiently or product characteristics can be positively impacted.

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Under the CEVO® brand, we have summarised products that were specially developed by VOELPKER for certain applications or application areas. This includes a range of waxes, wax-like compounds and blends, which we are constantly expanding in cooperation with and for customers. We are thus taking account of the technical advancement in many areas of industry, which is becoming increasingly dynamic and complex. These products are often the key to solving issues concerning processing and applications. Important applications can be found both in the consumer and industrial environment.

* We sell our CEVO® products in Benelux countries under the brand name VOELPKER®.


Bleached Montan waxes are among the most versatile waxes. The special derivates are used all over the world as multifunctional high-performance additives in various industries, and all fulfil very different functions. Important applications can be found in the plastics industry, in the coatings industry and in the cosmetics and pharma industry.

Montan waxes are easily emulsifiable hard waxes. Depending on the individual requirements, they can be processed in formulations as various kind of dispersions.