VOELPKER Biobased Series

The VOELPKER® Biobased Series comprises highly effective waxes for a wide variety of applications, made completely or predominantly from vegetable raw materials. This reflects the fact that the demand for materials from renewable raw materials has increased significantly in recent years.

Product Applications (Examples) Properties Chemical Basis Data Sheet
CEVO-care P-6628 Formulations for shoe polish, leather finishing Easy to saponify; formulations with CEVO-care P-6628 give dark pull-up effects and good hydrophobicity; can also be used as direct leather finishing via heated roller application Bio-based, botanical wax acids and esters pdf
CEVO-cos K-4418 Care products, hair wax, sunscreen formulations, decorative cosmetics “Bio-based” certified; has an oil-binding effect, can increase the stability of emulsions; INCI: classified as emulsifying, skin nourishing, opacifying Plant wax esters, INCI: Glycol Carnaubate pdf
CEVO-cos K-4419 Emulsions/creams; stabilisation resp. binding of oils and pigments in waxy cosmetic pencil refills “Bio-based”; emulsions: due to its high acid number, CEVO-cos K-4419 can be easily saponified; INCI: classified as anti-static, binding, viscosity-regulating Plant wax acids, INCI: Carnauba Acid Wax pdf
CEVO-cos K-4420 Bio-based substitute for polyethylene microparticles “Bio-based”; hard wax with a high melting point; available as a powder made of particles with an irregular structure Plant wax ester, partially saponified pdf
CEVO-cos K-8560 Lipsticks and lip balms, eye shadow, blush and colouring pencils, sunscreen sticks, antiperspirant/deodorant sticks, water/oil emulsion creams, hair styling creams Used to adjust the hardness and strength of cosmetic products; INCI: classified as skin-conditioning, occlusive Montan ester wax, plant wax esters; INCI: C18-36 Acid Triglyceride pdf
CEVO-mold I-6628 Phenolic resins, PE/WPC Low melting; release agent, e.g. for phenolic resins and plastics; lubricant for PE/WPC Natural regrowing waxes and ester waxes pdf
CEVO-pack O-4706 Production of waxed paper for flexible packaging, for example, for confectionery products (toffees, candies, chewing drops, etc.) Mineral oil/paraffin-free, food contact compliant; provides flexible and printable food paper coatings Bio-based, natural, regrowing waxes pdf
CEVO-process J-4418 PA, PP, PU/TPU, PE, PC, PS, ABS, PVC, TPE, POM, Polymer Blends, bio-based Polymer (PLA, …) Lubricants, mould release agents, dispersing agents, process auxiliaries Patented plant wax esters, INCI: Glycol Carnaubate pdf
CEVO-process J-4419 ABS, ABS blends, epoxy resins, phenolic resins Lubricants, mould-release agents, dispersing agents, process auxiliaries Bio-based, botanical wax acids pdf
CEVO-protect O-6628 Leather finishing: pull-up wax for heated roller coater application Gives dark pull-up effects and good hydrophobicity, miscible with paraffin and paraffin oil or neatsfoot oil to adjust conditioning and softening of the leather Bio-based, botanical wax esters and -acids pdf

* We sell our CEVO products in Benelux countries under the brand name VOELPKER®.

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