Montan Waxes| Product overview

Montan Waxes – when performance counts

Montan waxes are among the hardest natural waxes on earth and are used as high performance additives in the plastics industry, for example, due to their unique properties. They often serve as lubricating, nucleation and dispersing agents in many types of plastics and processing methods. Montan waxes are particularly valued for new, technically demanding tasks when it comes to special requirements in terms of the performance of a high performance lubricant.

Examples of applications


  • Processing agent in the plastics industry
  • Coatings
  • Emulsions for industrial use
  • Substance matrix and polishing wax in pharmaceutical applications
  • Solvent-based dispersions



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Long-term availability

Planning certainty is an important factor for us and for our customers’ production processes. That is why we at VOELPKER pay particular attention to the long-term availability of montan wax as a raw ­material, which is extracted from bituminous ­lignite. According to our raw material supplier, the global supply of lignite of raw wax will be ­secure until at least 2030. At the same time new lignite deposits are also being explored to ensure product availability beyond the year 2030.